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Sarawak Report has been suffering an ‘unprecedented’ level of coordinated and sophisticated cyber-attacks, according the the US-based Media Temple, one of the largest hosting companies in the world.
Media Temple was until last night the host for our site, but have kindly requested that we withdraw our custom in order that they can continue their operations. We are now hosting Sarawak Report through a variety of severs, including WordPress and we hope you can access the site by keeping in touch with Sarawak Report On The Run, for the remaining hours of the election campaign.

We miss all your comments, but some of the interactive aspects of the site have been curtailed at times. Keep trying! Meawhile our election monitoring Cheat Beat site is up and functioning, so keep your reports coming in.

The latest attack on Sarawak Report was yet another so called ‘distributed denial of service attack’, last night. It happened around 8pm UK time, after a build up over a number of hours. This was far larger than the previous attacks over the weekend and separate to a hacking attack the day before.

The hosting provider, Media Temple, one of the world’s largest, said this was ‘something that went above what we know’. Eventually one of their senior engineers came in contact with us to confirm that a distributed denial of service attack was taking place against our website and that it was on such an ‘unprecedented scale’ that it was affecting their whole server infrastructure. Therefore we were kindly asked not to host our website with them again, because they ‘cannot handle such levels of attack’ and it was affecting their other sites.

We are now up in a number of capacities, including WordPress. Although, we note that WordPress, which is considered the world’s rock solid hosting site, reported that for the first time yesterday they were nearly brought down by a hacking attack!

Despite these attacks and the media blackouts on non-BN parties in the Sarawak election, news is still getting out about the phenomenal rallies of support for PR that have been growing over the past week all over Sarawak and not just in the cities. News is also getting out about the systematic bribery and bullying of the electorate by the Prime Minister Najib himself, who has flown in to take charge of the election from unpopular Taib Mahmud.

Today ABC Australia also featured the team behind Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak on their prime-time, national flagship show “7.30 report”. The whole world is starting to learn about the struggles in Sarawak and we join the whole world in wishing the people of Sarawak the freedom to chose the leaders they want, without being pressured by illegal bribes, bullying or ballot-box fixing.

Good luck with the election and vote for what you believe in, not what someone paid or threatened you to do. Remember, your freedom is beyond price.

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14 Responses to ABC Australia

  1. hi says:

    “your freedom is beyond price.”

    Ditto that!

  2. cathybok says:

    Thank you for finding your way through WordPress. I’m glad I read this and saw the video. To the people behind Sarawak Report, hats off and keep it up!

  3. Shin says:

    We must change gonverment !!!!

  4. Ryan Chew says:

    the report by foreign medias, where the matters highlighted in global view is of salient to corroborate the existing believes in the local societies.

    • trulyyours says:

      Using foreign media. Yes. The locals have to use foreign media, as local media are turning deaf ears to them. So, they resort to foreign media. Fair, isn’t it?

  5. pribumi says:

    apa ke jadahnya orang luar nak sibuk pasal Malaysia . ni semua anasir jahat yang mahu menjahanamkan Malaysia

    • another you says:

      malaysia pon slalu sibok pasal negara luar bhaii…pe salah org luar sibuk ngn malaysia. biar 1 dunia tau pe bende jd kat sini.

  6. James Bond says:

    The address stated on the original website, linking to this page is wrong. It should be instead of

  7. Mr Merdeka says:

    Media companies around the world is now reporting about this. Malaysia is shamed and lose what face is left, in front of the whole world to see. It is time to take control of the future, or only crooks will want to do business with/in Malaysia. When even Gaddafi and Mubarak are kicked out by their people, do Malaysians across all races have the courage to stand up t0 30 years of robbery ?

    • Yes Sir says:

      How? Remote areas are difficult to reach. Dayaks are not well educated that renders the Opposition with difficulties to convince. Money politics won the Sarawak election. Every machinery is under Taib’s control.

  8. Mr True says:

    Betul juga kata pribumi, mengapa sibuk sangat mahu derma kepada Adelaide University beli harta di luar negara pakai duit rakyat.Siapa yang menjahanam Sarawak pribumi?

  9. Wow says:

    Err…I chkd e Media Temple press releasesite (, but they din have any announcement on this case u mentioned. How come? Can you ask them for a letter? Really awesome tht someone can actually do this!!! Who are they???

  10. says:

    His Greed has not waned and is continuing. He asked for 3 more years to look for a successor but he is unlikely to find one since all his inner circles are equally corrupt, obedient and passive with no leadership qualities. And he needs the 3 years to figure out how to cover up his 30 years of lootings.

  11. Greg Lopez says:

    Keep up the great work Team Sarawak Report. Malaysia salutes you.

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